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Dr. James Richmond Douglas

Around the world in every culture and in every era of every culture, people who feel ill have gone to other people who they hope will make them feel better. Some mechanisms of treating sickness are mentioned in the very earliest known historical records. What this would suggest is that some treatment methodologies were in existence before man began to evolve symbolic language.

In the earliest days of human society, the local wise man was expected to have the answers to everything; birth of the universe, origin of man, purpose of life, meaning of death and the remedy for disease. In these early stages healing was simply a matter of trying out what seemed to work at the time.

Hippocrates was probably the first western coach in the healing game who made careful observations of human disease and condensed his findings into coherent and practical texts. He was, as most of his contemporaries were, a subscriber to humoral theories of health and disease. This means health was the result of a successful balance between the various fluids of the body and disease was due to an imbalance of these same fluids. From this basic perception of balance and imbalance being foundational in health and disease there was also a coexistence of the psychological and the physical; a mind/body connection if you will.

Hippocrates is quoted as writing:

Everything in nature tends to re-establish that perfect harmony that constitutes normal life. Every force in the individual tends to preserve a perfect equilibrium, and, if it has been disturbed, to re-establish order and harmony.

The psychological impact of the physical setting on the patient's recovery was a major feature in the Greek philosophy of health. In the Greek model of human health, neither magic nor medicine was sufficient on its own; each needed the other. The Greek model was also encouraged by the philosophers of the era. These intellectuals were trying to systematize human biology with elegant hypothesis unsullied by actual observations or experiments. The most famous of these classical thinkers was Aristotle. His theories included perceptions that good health was possible only when there was a perfect balance of potentially Antagonistic elements or humours in the body. The four humours were blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile and their qualities were deemed to be hot, dry, wet and cold respectively.

Up until the combined efforts of both the recording of observations by the physician Hippocrates and the intellectual modelling of Aristotle, the relationship of health, illness, treatment and source included the following scenarios:

  1. I (the healee) am not responsible for my health;
  2. I (the healee) am not responsible for my disease;
  3. You (the healer) must do something to me (some modality) (modalities in the form of clubbing holes in my skull, leeches, bleedings);
  4. You (the healer) must perform some magic of hope on me (magic in the form of fetish, spell, curse or charisma);
  5. All sources of solution are applied from outside my body.

Observing Western behavior in our relationship with the above five positions it could be generally stated that:

  • Modern positions regarding responsibility for my health has not changed over history.
  • Modern positions regarding responsibility for my disease has not changed over history.
  • Modern modalities have changed radically.
  • Magic has changed equally as radically but the source of solutions applied from outside my body has remained stuck in the external.

*Modality: A prescribed method of treatment.

*Magic: Working through the mind or spirit or indirectly through a God or gods.

Centuries before the mechanization of the western health management model beginning with Galen in 200 A.D., Descartes 1600 A.D. through Newton in 1687 A.D., the rest of the world was continuing to develop a different model: a completely different model in paradigm purpose, practice and modality.


Body has no inherent health or healing potential.


All health and healing is from inherent potential.


Substitute what's missing on the inside by injecting, ingesting or replacing something from the outside.


Provide ingredients that mobilize regeneration from the inside.


Attack the sickness.


Create balance to sustain health.


Medicinal and mechanical technologies.


Formulated foods, innate energy mobilizers (acupuncture, meditation).




Well the short answer to this is: a whole lot! Science is a gradual process of finding the best fit between observation and prediction. Scientists make observations, formulate hypothesis or suppositions as a starting point for further investigation. If these further investigations demonstrate inconsistency between what is observed and what is predicted by the hypothesis, the hypothesis is revised.

This exercise continues through stages that demonstrate increasing consistency, precision and predictability. The investigations begin as a premis, progress to a hypothesis due to sufficient evidence of precision; then it is considered a theory as predictability accumulates to eventually be established as a law, e.g., gravity.

Some theories and laws accumulating over time find application to people as well as planets and particles. From the seventeenth through the nineteenth century science has built a model for health management with the following parameters.

1.  Science has established the source from which change in body comfort or performance is authentic and acceptable.

2.  Modalities to bring change to comfort or performance must be consistent with the established source set by science.

3.  Successful outcomes are dependant on the quality of effective technologies that achieve change from this established source set by science.

4.  Any modality inconsistent from the established source is quackery or at best unscientific.

5.  Modification of the nervous system and/or individual cell activity must be achieved to alter comfort and performance.

Process of Establishing Source

The established source of present healing technologies is from outside the body. How did science arrive at its present position of modifying the nervous system and/or individual cells from external sources?

The process began in the 1600s with perceptions influenced by the following persons and positions.

1.  The British philosopher: Francis Bacon who set the stage by affirming: "We must question what we can't see and accept only what our experiments prove."

2.  The French scientist Rene Descartes introduced a foundational premis still operating today when he said: "To practice real science we disconnect and separate body from mind."

  • The animal body (including ours) follows the same laws as the rest of the universe.
  • Rational people must eliminate all doubts by observing and understanding physical facts.
  • Life must be explained by natural physical and chemical laws.

3.  The mathematician Isaac Newton presented:

  • For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
  • Objects don't change speed or direction unless some force acts on them.
  • The material universe behaves along the lines of common sense.
  • Units of matter are fundamentally distinguishable from the empty space surrounding them.

The scientific societies of this era resurrected a very old Greek philosophy of science that declared that all matter, including the human body, consists of tiny particles called atoms that obey physical laws.

The decision made by the science of the seventeenth and eighteenth century included the following theory: no organizing principle was present within matter or planets, particles or people. The best fit of that era between observation and prediction was that the universe runs like a well tuned clock and people are included in the universe as breathing machines.

With source being established as external because no organizing principle was present anywhere, modalities to be accepted as scientific must be applied from the external to accomplish change on the inside. Up until 1928, these scientific modalities included potions of questionable value and drawing fluids through enemas, expectorants, blood letting and poultices that were designed to draw anything they could from any orifice that would.

Developing Perceptions of the Nervous System

The stance of science firmly locked into the source of healing modalities as external was reinforced with early discoveries of the nervous system.

In 1786, Galvani discovered animal electricity that was described by mechanistic scientists as a purely physical force that could be generated by chemical means. This discovery and interpretation from the foundation of source being external was fixed in stone with the additional discovery of the reflex arc as the only significant physiology of the nervous system.

With the perception established that no organizing principle or vital energy existed in planets, particles or people, then no physiological modification can take place unless an outside force strickes the reflex arc. The reflex mechanism is dormant, inactive and still until struck by a force. Because no internal force was possible within the existing paradigm of established physics, the energy was always and only applied from the external. When this outside force does strike the reflex arc, the reaction is predictable. The body's actions are determined by what struck it from the outside. The forces used to force a reaction from the reflex are chemical, electrical or mechanical.

Digging Deeper, Much Deeper, in our Dialogue with Nature

In 1977, Ilya Prigogine was presented with a Nobel prize in physics. He demonstrated to the satisfaction of the global scientific community a deeper dialogue with nature than was previously perceived. His findings included the following.

All of nature does include an organizing principle built into its essence. The expression of this reality is demonstrated as defiance against the entropic down hill slide toward meltdown perceived by traditional physics. This defiance in some environments gives rise to forms and performances of a new complexity with increased adaptability as atoms shift to a higher order.

The order out of this organizing principle in planets particles and people emerges spontaneously when balance is achieved between antagonists. If this sounds familiar it is because Aristotle had committed himself to the same awareness. The sense of connectedness this new awareness provided included consciousness as a significant partner in the healing process. Empowerment rides on this deeper reality because of the additional capacities to mobilize healing activity through focus and facilitation.

Taking hold of the flip side of stress by using stress to increase my adaptability at all levels moves me out from under the victim stance of contemporary stress management. No longer protecting myself against premature withdrawal of limited energy, I move into a position of increased control and development of this new found potential as I anticipate and exhilarate in challenge!

Physiology opens up materializing new awareness of my brainbody's behaviour. Like an iceberg, the reflex arc is indeed the tip with most of my significant physiology going on below awareness. The discovery of our body being in constant rhythm underneath the reflex arcs maintaining balance in change as well as being the thermostat that reprograms our body into growth from stress forces us to rethink appropriate modalities.



Prehistory to Hippocrates:

  • Magic: From sense of meaning out of connectedness to nature, animals, spiritualism including the use of fetish, spell, curse or charisma.
  • Modality: Opening skulls with clubs
  • Positive Health Outcome: Minimal
  • Preventive Potential: Nil

Hippocrates 400 B.C. to Descartes - Newton

  • Magic: From perception of brain/body connectionwith innate organizing principle within our body.
  • Modality: Remove fluids from the body
  • Positive Health Outcome: Minimal
  • Preventive Potential: Nil

Descartes - Newton 1600 A.D. to 1928 (penicillin) 1930 (sulpha drugs) Fleming

  • Magic: Denial of innate organizing principle; magic no longer considered part of healer/healee relationship.
  • Modality: Some potions; removing fluids from veins, lungs, sinuses, stomach, bowel.
  • Positive Health Outcome: Minimal
  • Preventive Potential: Due to improved sanitation policies, plagues reduced.

Fleming (1928) Penicillin into 21st century

  • Magic: No longer considered part of the healer/healee relationship. Healer assumes authority given by science.
  • Modality: Antibiotics, vaccines, drugs, organ removal or replacement, genetic engineering.
  • Positive Health Outcome: Infections decreased, longevity increased.
  • Preventive Potential: Reversed; degenerative disease increased, immune system weakened.

*Modality: A prescribed method of treatment.

*Magic: Working through the mind or spirit or indirectly through a God or gods.



Prehistory to Present

  • Magic: When balance is established, regeneration is spontaneous. Person seen as a group; group members are the various parts of the body. To heal the body, harmonize the parts.
  • Modality: Formulated foods as preventives and medicines when ill. Acupuncture to maintain neural energy flow. Movement skills, breathing skills, spiritual connection with environment.
  • Positive Health Outcome: Sufficient success to maintain mix until now with no indication of change because of effectiveness in treating illness.
  • Preventive Potential: Sufficient success (minimal heart disease, negligible cancer and diabetes) to maintain the mix until now with no indication of change.




Quantum Health Model 1896 to Present

  • Magic: Demonstrated as the innate enfolded self-organizing principle emerging spontaneously when in balance by adjusting antagonists.
  • Modality: Consciousness of the above magic with adjustments to antagonists increasing energies imperative to quality of cell replacement. Brainbody hnologies, neural canal alignment, nourishment, meditations, movement skills, breathing skills, homeopathy, play and life management, acupuncture.
  • Positive Health Outcome: Sufficient success with negative outcomes of traditional model of Newton Descartes to be identified as alternative in public perception.
  • Prevention Potential: Clinical studies and anecdotal evidence validate measurable prevention potential. Formal studies now in progress.





Precision and predictability determined as consistent with external source only. No internal organized potential for change possible.

Healing Mechanisms

Modalities applied in chemical, electrical or mechanical forms from the external.


Second law of thermodynamics determines planets, particles and people as expending a fixed amount of energy toward equilibrium (meltdown). No potential of raising level of internal performance without external stimulus, toxin (vaccine) or genetic engineering.

Physiological Participant

Reflex arc requiring precise activation from external chemical, electrical, mechanic) to provide predictable reaction of acceleration or inhibition of function.


Chemical dependency necessary to maintain symptom relief.

Organ removal or replacement to contain regeneration.

No preventive potential without genetic replacement.


I take none.

No value given me by science to take charge of my health and life.






Precision and predictability are consistent with an internal source. The internal organizing principle is the creative change agent toward efficiency of outcome.

Healing Mechanisms

Modalities Applied

  1. maintain soliton energy flow (acupuncture, chiropractic);
  2. sustain synergistic energy amongst five central systems through food choice;
  3. consciousness from meditation;
  4. movement skills;
  5. polarity therapies;
  6. play as work;
  7. homeopathy;
  8. brainbody technologies.


  • Defiance against meltdown as part of nature alters my perception toward negatives.
  • I now rejoice in negatives as the force of change.
  • Defiance against meltdown in my maturing process gives me motivation to assume responsibility for my health and life.

Physiological Participant

  • Soliton flow from meridians and spinal canal.
  • Oscillator function of all cells maintaining rhythm.
  • Brain cells located throughout the body.
  • 95% of all atoms replaced over twelve months.


Prevention participated in between illness events:

  1. Taking charge of inflow: food choice, word choice, happiness choice, music choice, information choice.
  2. Taking charge of outflow: play choice, work choice, movement, elimination, relationship choice.
  3. Maintaining thruflow with spinal correction, acupuncture, polarity therapies.


  • I take major responsibility.
  • Value and coaching given me by science.



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