White powder

White Powder Gold Ash
The Philosopher's Stone?

Paul Coulbeck

gold ash

This could be it. This white powder has been tested at various labs in the US and Canada. It is a unique white powder said to come directly from gold -- something that alchemists have attempted to produce for centuries. Miners called it "ghost gold" after finding it near what they considered more valuable deposits, and chose to ignore it. They never put two and two together or knew of the alchemists.

The lore of the philosopher's stone and alchemy have much in common with this newly discovered powder. Many claim this is the real alchemical gold. We are beginning to be able to explain why.

Centuries ago, people called alchemists produced their version of the substance in labs. Their goal was to make a white powder from gold that would be the one substance to contain the "light of life." This light is the life essence. It is the consciousness in your body. Some alchemists may have found it in the past, and this is exactly what may have been (re)discovered here.

At least one modern researcher has claimed to have created the white powder gold in the laboratory in addition to the interesting discovery of white powder gold ash in nature. He applied for a number of patents on elements which compose a new form of matter. This material took on unusual properties after it was heated in a specific fashion. Once heated this way, he claimed the sample contained other elements besides gold!

Gold is gold, everyone has been taught that one element cannot be broken down into others. But transmutation of elements is taking place all the time. For instance, the element radium has an atomic number of 88 (the number of protons in its nucleus) and gives off alpha or beta waves until its atomic number lessens to 82, thereby making it lead. It happens with this and all radioactive elements. Physicists are also known to bombard elements with a stream of neutrons that turns one element into another by knocking off protons or electrons.

This leads one to ask, "Is there something to alchemy?" Yes, there is! This same modern alchemist found iron, silica and aluminum in 2% of the remaining substance after his initial burn. After this was extracted, the other 98% could not be identified! When labs told him nothing was there, he became determined to find out what this "nothing" was. Further complex burning and fractional vaporization revealed the mystery elements to be rhodium, iridium, palladium, osmium, ruthenium and platinum. Rhodium and iridium surface consistently in products that are helpful to AIDS and cancer patients, including a derivative of the aloe vera plant called Acemannan.

A short time ago, two young men became free of the symptoms of full-blown AIDS after drinking Chamaebatia Tea, from a plant (Chamaebatia Benth) found growing in and around natural white powder gold ash deposits. Laboratory analysis of the white powder shows that it contains rhodium, iridium, gold, platinum and silica, as well as a number of other trace elements. No one claims that natural white powder gold ash is exactly the same as what this modern or any ancient alchemist produced, but common elements have been found in each.

A few years ago, Colin Wilson, one of the most respected British writers said, "It is now no longer possible for an intelligent person to dismiss alchemy entirely as the product of superstition and ignorance." Indeed, rare but fully documented cases of successful alchemical accomplishments as recently as 1993 were found in the research available on alchemy.

The words "al" and "chemy" are Arabic-Egyptian words -- Al and Kimia. Al means "the" and Kimia means "secret." What exactly is this secret? We seem to be on the right track in discovering what it is. We know that the science of chemistry itself comes from the Kimia (or secret) of Arabian mystics. What separates alchemy from chemistry is that with chemistry the end of the material thread has been reached, and unless you connect it with the thread of the next dimension or plane, your research must stop.

Fire was and still is an essential ingredient in the alchemical process. Some white powder gold ash comes from a mountain that has gold mines on or near it. In ancient times, this particular mountain was volcanic and generated much heat. It was the right amount of heat to create veins of this mysterious white powder. White gold is also created in labs under strict conditions and is very expensive.

People taking the powder have experienced a variety of interesting and powerful effects. It was always said that the white powder of alchemy could cure illnesses, prolong life and revitalize the spirit.

Will this white powder cure you of cancer or AIDS, or prolong your life? Although it is possible, no one claims that it will. The white powder gold is a philosophical aid, sought after for many years. It is NOT a health product, although it may contain properties that correct illnesses or prolong life. If so, improved health will simply be an added bonus.

Those gifted with so-called psychic abilities have reported great enhancement of their powers, and many normal people seem to know when the phone is going to ring and who is calling. People report increased energy levels, higher alertness, a cleansing effect on the body and extremely vivid dreams. One man reports dreams that clearly answer questions and solve problems in his life. It is believed this material provides a more direct link to the subconscious mind.

This powder also seems to raise our vibrational frequency. We have electricity in our bodies, and the white powder gold has been found to have superconductive properties. A superconductor is a substance which allows an electrical current to flow without resistance, even when there is no continually applied potential. Although we do not know exactly how it happens, we know that cells in living tissue communicate with each other in a superconductive fashion. This could explain why ingesting the white powder seems to enhance our "inner" communication. Many people who have taken it claim that it does have a profound effect on the expansion of human consciousness.

What about diseases like cancer? Bristol-Meyers-Squibb Laboratories is doing cancer research using precious elements which are known to correct mutant DNA. This occurs by coupling these elements with the cells via light transfer or vibrational frequency. Electrons that flow through a superconductor are known to pair off and convert into a light frequency during the process. Some believe this could be what happens in human cells. So the idea that superconductors are at work in this research could well be right. White powder gold ash contains superconductors.

We will have to wait and see if this powder prolongs life, as the alchemical gold did in legend. The ancient Egyptians used a white powder from gold which was mixed with water and called "the teardrop of Horus." It was used in a ritual by the Pharaoh and high priest to achieve immortality. Old Kingdom kings were said to be immortal and, interestingly enough, none of their bodies have ever been found in Egypt!

What about revitalizing the spirit? Light transfer occurs with superconductors, and the philosopher's stone was always said to increase the light found in the human body and consciousness. To define this light scientifically leads into complex areas, but this light exists within the mind and body! Even the US government has made measurements of the light body. The ancient Egyptians believed in feeding the light body as much as the physical one. The white powder gold is said to revitalize this light. People taking it experience a profound clarity of mind and increased energy levels. Very strong electrical charges have been observed in the white gold, including live sparks that came out of a briefcase that contained it! It is superconductive, which enhances the substance of our consciousness, and spirit. Our body cells use this same power to communicate.

According to at least one researcher in the field, it heightens spiritual awareness and can lead to direct contact with your God. No faith or belief is required. This is science, not religion.

Nostradamus predicted that by 1999, "occult gold" would be found by science ("occult" simply means "hidden"). Has another of his incredible predictions come true? Try the white powder gold and decide for yourself.

Special Note: The white powder gold has varying results, based on who you are. References state that the alchemical process requires operation on a higher plane of consciousness in addition to the physical. You may wish to meditate or do whatever else required after consuming the white powder gold ash. Work with your life force after having it enhanced! It will generate better results.

Some white powder gold ash comes from a natural source, in gold country. From a mountain with gold deposits that was volcanic in ancient times, creating 1100 degree heat and thus, the white powder gold. Seven gold mines in that area produce veins of volcanic white powder gold ash. The lab type white gold is pure gold heated to 1100 degrees and is a pure white gold. It loses weight in the white powder state but regains it when heated back into yellow gold again. This is very expensive a powerfull if you can find it anywhere. The person who perfected the process has disappeared. The Free World News is looking for him.

Most people take a pinch of the powder, approx. 1/8 of a teaspoon, and place it under the tongue. Within ten seconds to 2 minutes the powder dissolves. It has also been mixed with food or drink. It can be taken 1-3 times per day. Each person or pet is individual in their own needs.

Note: If you have any health problem, always consult your physician before taking or trying anything new. 

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